Mountain and road biking

Swaledale and the surrounding dales offer a good mix of both mountain and road biking. The Yorkshire Dales Cycleway passes in front of Strands View while the closeby 12 mile Swale Trail means there is a more gentle route up the Dale and avoiding traffic too. We have done both road and mountain biking in the dale and really enjoyed it, but neither of us are serious cyclists. Here are a few of our favourite routes, which might seem tame to some, but are a good starting point. The Dales Bike Centre in Reeth not only has a phenomenal cafe and cakery, it also hires bikes and knows the best routes for all abilities. Check them out, they are a great source of knowledge.

Dales Bike Centre

Mountain Bike: Fremington Trail

This is a moderate mountain bike ride with great views, some technical descents and lots of industrial heritage.

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Road Bike: Tan Hill

This is a great ride – we last did it in training for the London 100. It starts straight out of StrandsView and onto the Tour de France route which you follow all the way to Reeth.

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Mountain Bike: Up the Dale

This is a moderate mountain bike ride with great views and varied scenery.

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Disclaimer: the information provided here is not professional advice and is given assuming the reader is an experienced cyclist with a clear understanding of the health and safety issues related to road or mountain biking. If you are not experienced, you should seek advice before using this information.