We know the Yorkshire Dales are vunerable to climate extremes. So, in 2019, we started making changes to the cottage to reduce its carbon footprint with a goal of becoming carbon neutral.


Strands View only had oil fired central heating. In 2019, we installed an air source heat pump powered by green electricity to provide 90% of the hot water and heating.

Electric car charger

Got an electric car? When you stay at Strands View, you can now charge it conveniently by just plugging into our 7.5kW charger.

LED lights

Strands View had 60 dichroic downlights. Now they are all warm white LED units, reducing energy consumption by 94%.


Strands View has a zoned underfloor heating system to keep the cottage warm and toasty in winter. Unfortunately, in 2019 this resulted in 2,231Kg of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere.

To reduce this, we have installed an air source heat pump and powered it by green electricity to heat the cottage and water. We have also made sure the cottage is insulated to modern standards. Oil is now only used when the outside temperature is extreme.

Electric car charging

For cars, the future is electric.

So, we decided to add a charging point to help people travel to the Dales in their electric cars. If you want to bring your electric car, please let the booking agent know before arrival and the charger will be unlocked for you to conveniently connect and start charging at 7.5kW.

LED lights

Strands View has 60 downlights. These were traditional dichroic bulbs, which meant we were always changing the bulbs, but they also took 50W of power each. So, with all the lights turned on, the cottage would draw around 3kW for lighting alone.

To solve this, we have now replaced each lamp with highly efficient Enlight LED units, each taking only 3W while nevertheless being slightly brighter. This means the total consumption is 177W i.e. 6% of the original.