Top Tips

Here are some of our top tips for a great holiday at Strands. They are all based upon personal experience or dales chat!


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Lf Hiker | E.Pointal contributor

Muker Tea Room   

Latitude: 54° 22' 34"
Longitude: -2° 08' 26"


Great tea shop

Farmers Arms   

Latitude: 54° 22' 35"
Longitude: -2° 08' 27"


Great pub with open fire

Kings Head   

Latitude: 54° 22' 44"
Longitude: -2° 04' 36"


The local with lots of food

Gunnerside to Muker   

Latitude: 54° 22' 45"
Longitude: -2° 04' 39"


Stunning walk best in early summer for meadow flowers

Base camp   

Latitude: 54° 22' 31"
Longitude: -2° 03' 26"



Gunnerside Ghyll   

Latitude: 54° 22' 30"
Longitude: -2° 03' 24"


A seriously good hike.

Up the Dale   

Latitude: 54° 22' 31"
Longitude: -2° 03' 30"


A great mountain bike ride – not massively technical, but fun.

Hazel Brow Farm   

Latitude: 54° 22' 31"
Longitude: -2° 01' 51"


Great for children

The Punch Bowl   

Latitude: 54° 22' 53"
Longitude: -2° 01' 17"


Nearest posh nosh restaurant

Copper Kettle   

Latitude: 54° 23' 18"
Longitude: -1° 56' 30"


Its back with new owners and a great menu.

The Buck   

Latitude: 54° 23' 23"
Longitude: -1° 56' 37"


Great pub in Reeth

Overton House   

Latitude: 54° 23' 20"
Longitude: -1° 56' 34"


Excellent café in Reeth.

Burgoyne Hotel   

Latitude: 54° 23' 22"
Longitude: -1° 56' 32"


Great posh nosh restaurant

The CB Inn   

Latitude: 54° 25' 22"
Longitude: -2° 000' 05"


Great pub and restaurant

Dales Bike Centre   

Latitude: 54° 23' 05"
Longitude: -1° 55' 49"


Cycles for hire and amazing cake!
Typical Yorkshire teashop

Muker tea shop up the dale in Muker is a stunning example with the food, service and tea being as close to perfect as you can get. Great stop on a long walk. It is closed in winter, except for a short period over Christmas, so another good one is Overton House Cafe or the recently opened Copper Kettle – both in Reeth. Opening times vary out of season.

Friendly local pub

All pubs in Yorkshire are friendly. The Kings Head in Gunnerside is an outstanding example of great food, beer and people. It is not posh nosh, but they will definately fill you up after a days sightseeing, hiking or biking. It is within easy walking distance of Strands and via a scenic route too. They can get busy in summer at weekends, but they don’t take bookings. We find 8pm is usually ok. The Farmers Arms and The Buck are also excellent pubs and worth visiting.

A “posh nosh” restaurant

Very close by there are three places worth mentioning: The Punch Bowl, The Burgoyne and The CB Inn. All three places can get very busy, particularly in season, so do call them to book.

Burgoyne Hotel: 01748 884 292 Punch Bowl: 0333 7000 779 CB Inn: 0333 7000 779 (owned by Punch Bowl)
The best walk or hike

Swaledale and the surrounding Dales are excellent walking and hiking country. You can see a lot of varied countryside in one walk: from industrial hertitage to flowering summer meadows, the Dales have it. Check out our hiking page based on walks we have done. We will continue to update it and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for all the latest news too. @StrandsView.

Walking and hiking
The best road and mountain biking

There is a wide variety of road and mountain biking in the Dales. Check out our cycling pages based on cycling we have done in the Dales. Remember to follow us on Facebook for all the latest routes and ideas. @StrandsView

A great day out

It really depends upon what you like! There is hiking, walking, visiting attractions, road cycling and mountain biking. You can then mix those with tea shops and pubs. Our Things to do page gives you the links to the attractions around the area as well as detailed walks, hikes and cycle routes. Enjoy!

Things to do
Activities for children

Locally, there is Hazel Brow Farm. These days you need to book in advance, so please call them. There is also the Wensleydale railway, The Forbidden Corner and coming soon: The Swale Trail.

Hazel Brow Farm: 01748 886 224

Hazel Brow Farm