Length: 11.9 miles. Height change: 2,400ft. Time: 4.5hrs.

This is a moderate hike starting first in the valley and walking through the meadows of Upper Swaledale. In late May or June, these are covered in wild flowers. At Gunnerside the walk crosses the Swale onto the south bank and follows the new Swale Trail all the way to Low Row.

In Low Row, you can stop at the fabulous Punch Bowl Inn for food or drink or on a sunny warm day think: picnic and continue on the walk up to Blades and then onto the Corpse Way. About half a mile from Blades, there is a dry grassy plateau with stunning views up and down the Dale. Stop here for a picnic. Once finished or if you have already eaten, continue on the Corpse Way until you come to a road, turn left here and follow it down to Gunnerside. The Kings Head is a good place to refuel.

From Gunnerside, you take the high road to Ivlet and past Gunnerside Lodge, which was once owned by the King of Spain. Carry on the high road until eventually you get back to the foot bridge and then it is a quick walk back through the meadows to Muker.

Once in Muker, we highly recommend you visit the Muker Teashop – it is on our Top Tips page and is definitely worth a visit.

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Muker meadow land
The wild flower meadows in the ’60s
Looking back to Gunnerside and Muker
Barn near Muker
Dubbing Garth Lane
Barn near Dubbing Garth Lane