Length: 27.6 miles. Height change: 4,164ft. Time: 3hrs.

This is a good ride – we last did it in training for the London 100. It starts straight out of StrandsView and onto the Tour de France route which you follow all the way to Reeth. It is predominantly down hill and the wind is more than likely to be behind you, so it is a good warm up.

The comes the tough bit: the climb from Reeth to Tan Hill, but it is absolutely worth it. Should you need refreshment, on the ascent you will pass the CB Inn and also worthy of note is the Red Lion Inn in Langthwaite – a short distance from the route. When you reach the infamous Tan Hill inn you will be greeted by great views on a good weather day. This is the top of the ride and it is downhill all the way back to Strands with some pretty steep sections: watch out for the two hair pin bends of Silver Hill near Keld.

This ride is a great introduction to the Dale, since in the space of 3 hours, you will see the major villages of upper Swaledale and see the transition from peat moorland and watershed to mature river valley. It is literally a ride which takes you through the development stages of the river Swale.

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