Valley walks to moorland hikes

Here are some of our favourite walks and hikes in and around Swaledale. Many start from Strands View so you can leave the car on the driveway: just walk straight out of the door. 

Each walk or hike route is shown on a map and you can download the GPX data at the bottom of each page if you have a GPS device or app for your phone. An interactive map at the bottom of the page shows the location of the walks and cycle routes.

For your convenience, we have uploaded the walks onto the Ordnance Survey, so you can easily download onto their app or view the route in detail – there is even a 3D flyover of the routes. OS provide free access for 7 days. The cottage also has the Yorkshire Dales OL30 map for your use too. We will also be adding to the list of walks on this page, so do check back from time to time and remember to check out news for photos from the walks and area.


Hike: The Corpse Way

This is a great introduction into the area around Strands and provides some stunning views up and down the Dale as well as varied countryside over a 5 mile walk

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Hike: Keld Circular

A terrific hike taking in upper Swaledale in all its glory: moorland, meadows, riverside and lead mining with views up and down the Dale

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Hike: Surrender Bridge…or bust!

Following in some of the foot steps of Major F T C Williams, this walk is inspired by “the Maj” who dominated the walking scene in the Dale at the beginning of the new millennium.

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Walk: To the tea shop from Strands

This is the scenic route via Gunnerside Bottoms to Gunnerside for a quick drink at the Kings Head pub or tearoom! A nice and easy walk to get you ready for a weeks worth of hiking…

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Walk: the Strands circular

A simple walk from Strands with plenty of places for kids to play by the river, skim stones etc.

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Walk: Gunnerside to Muker

A simple there and back walk along the valley bottom from Gunnerside to Muker taking in Ivlet and the old pack horse bridge at Ivlet: a great subject for photography.

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Walk: Reeth and Grinton

This is a short walk which can be enjoyed even when the weather is a bit iffy and in summer is great for children to play in the river.

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Hike: Fremington Edge

One of my favourites in Swaledale. Not a long walk, but you certainly feel you deserve a pint at the end of it. There is also the idilic Red Lion pub in Langthwaite approximately half way round the walk.

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Hike: Muker circular via Keld

This is a moderate walk with a nice long warm up section and gradual climb, before the effort must start near Keld.

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Hike: Muker to Low Row

This is a moderate hike starting first in the valley and walking through the meadows of Upper Swaledale.

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Hike: Gunnerside Ghyll

This is a full days hike and is an excellent introduction to the upper dale: you will take in disused lead mines, Low Row, Gunnerside, Ivlet, Keld and Muker. The walk is an excellent mix of river valley and bleak moorland.

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Hike: Richmond and Hudswell

This walk is perfect for a Sunday: start in the morning, then lunch at the fantastic George and Dragon pub in Hudswell followed by the return journey to walk of some of the calories just put on! Or on a hot summers day, a leisurely picnic by the river after the walk?

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Walk: Gunnerside Lead Mines

A lovely late afternoon walk exploring the remains of lead mining in Gunnerside Ghyll. Here you will check out the Sir Francis Level mine. Not suitable after heavy rain or when the river is high since you need to walk across the Ghyll.

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Walk: Marske and Helwith Circular

At just under 6 miles, this walk packs in a lot of landscape variety: woodland, pasture, a “secret dale” and a walk on the tops. Most of the walk is on a track, so good for winter…and the snowdrops are stunning!

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Walk: Medium length Strands circular

At just over 7 miles, this walk is stunning all year round combining valley bottom and hill edge for far reaching views. Particularly great in early summer when the meadows are in full bloom.

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Walk: Ivelet and back

A figure of eight loop starting at Strands with a mix of moorland and meadows and classic views down the Dale to Gunnerside and beyond. Good for most weathers.

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Walk: Dubbing Garth Lane

This is a flatish walk around Strands and Gunnerside taking in classic Swaledale meadow land and the odd pub! Easy walking and suitable for a bad weather day.

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Disclaimer: the information provided here is not professional advice and is given assuming the reader is an experienced walker with a clear understanding of the health and safety issues related to hill walking. If you are not experienced, you should seek advice before using this information.